persistent bug in ps cs5

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Sun, 19 September 2010 12:31
Luis ORTEGA (Photoshop expert)
Is anyone having problems with loading a large number of files into
Photoshop cs5?
I have a Mac Pro 2.8 8-core 2008 model, osx 10.6.4, and a gtx 285
graphics card and 16gb ram.
Every time I try to open a large series of photos (not huge files but,
say, 100 files or so) in Photoshop cs5, the computer screen goes into a
flickering glitch and everything freezes. The only way out is to turn
the computer off.
This happens every time.
It doesn't happen with cs3, which is also on the same machine.
Can anyone please advise on whether this is a cs5 bug or perhaps a
mismatch with my gtx 285, or even having both versions of Photoshop on
the same machine?
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