New Document = PS locks up

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Rob_Keijzer (Photoshop expert)
Dave, What are you saying?

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bladeRU12 (Photoshop begginer)

I am hoping someone could help me. My system is a AMD 2.5mhz, 1Gb Ram, Geforce 5600 256mb ram video card. My OS is XP2000 Pro.


My PS 7 is locking up when I go to file and new. I can't close the program without pushing ctrl+Atl+Delete and kill PS from there. I can create a document by pressing ctrl+n but I don't get the delog box, it blank. I just push enter I get a page up and then I go to Image > Image Size and enter the proper sizes and DPI.

I have uninstalled the program several times and went the PS folder and made sure there was no information left on the HD. Did a fresh install and I even got the latest updates. But had no luck. Everything thing else works. I just have to follow these steps which is a real pain. My other Adobe products work fine(After Affects, Premier, and Illustrator)

Has anybody had this problem before?


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dave_milbut (Photoshop expert)
Mathias Vejerslev "Dialog box is missing??" 10/29/02 1:06pm </cgi-bin/webx?50@@.1de62d18>
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dave_milbut (Photoshop expert)
I'm saying that his new dialog is probably off screen.
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