files disapear from desktop after applying action

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Roger_Beck (Photoshop begginer)
Hi All,

I have many files open and apply an action to the file on top of the other files, the one i can see. After I apply the action by pressing the arrow button at the bottom of the actions palette, that file then "disappears" to the background and the next file shows up as the open file? I cant apply any more actions to that first file unless I hunt for it among all of the opened files. i would like to apply an action more than once, or several actions to a file before saving/closing that file. I should mention that before applying the action I have done an auto levels on the file "ctlr-alt-shift-L".

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robert_kastler (Photoshop begginer)
sounds like when you recorded the action you clicked on the next document before hitting the stop button. look at the script of you action you can delete or mute the last step if this is the case.
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Roger_Beck (Photoshop begginer)
It has to be something PS is doing. I record the action, open up the color balance dialog box, make my adjustments, close the color balance dialog box and then stop recording the action. That's it. I have to close the color balance dialog box in order to stop the action, and the file that I made the adjustments to is still the open document when I stop recording. I checked Edit>Preferences, and there was nothing about 'going to the next file after editing the open file". Funny, once all the files on the desktop have had at least one action applied to them, then the open document doesnt disappear anymore.

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