Changing the Lighting in different parts of an image

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exingo (Advanced Photoshop user)
What are some ways to change the way people/objects are lit in different parts of an image based on the light?

Are there any tutorials out there on this?
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Torbj (Photoshop begginer)
I presume you have some knowledge of Phs; what you need now:Levels,Gradients, Quick Mask and Alpha Channels.
Your problem is to make an appropiate selection of the area you want to manipulate: a selection which may, say, allow your actions to work 100% in one area, tapering down to zero% in another.
The quickest method is the QuickMask: Make a selection >Change to QuickMask> Paint with black/white to smoothen the selection> Change back> Save selection> Then use levels to manipulate light.
The other method which cometh to my mindis the Alpha Channel/Gradient:
First put out some guides which show you from where to where your action shal work> Create a new Alpha Channel(fear not;everything turns black)>Use the gradient tool to make a gradient from black to white (or white to black) within the guides> save selection> then use levels on this selection.
Yours ts.
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exingo (Advanced Photoshop user)
Thanks for the response.

I have a basic understanding of levels,I usually just drag the sliders to the beginning points of the histogram to balance the contrast/brightness of the image.

1. If I am just trying to increase the brightness of the selected area, would I just manipulate the whites slider? If I am trying to make a selection darker do I just manipulate the blacks? Do I need to bother with the middle slider?

2. Any good tutorials out there on how to make images consistent with the way lighting would really affect the images? Example: To make objects people in an image consistent with how they would be lit based on the light source.

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