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kylekwan (Photoshop begginer)
dear all,

i'm having difficulty getting silver or gold colour look on a shape. Can anyone tell me how to get this effects in illustrator or perhaps photoshop as well?

need to use the silver colour to do an image mockup of a product. Could you please tell me how to use any filter or gradient to get the effects?

need to get some effects like the gold or silver on a beer bottle label where it will reflects the colour printed on it.

Thank you... i have been trying for 2 days and the outcome was a shame...
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Michael_Hynes (Photoshop begginer)
I think you might need texture effects rather than just colour.

I've just very roughly copied a Golfinger-type model by using a texture like orange peel, colouring it gold-yellow, then applying the craquelure filter effect.
Hope this helps
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YrbkMgr (Photoshop expert)
Go to the Adobe Exchange and do a search on Gold. You'll find a boatload of styles and actions that create gold effects that have been uploaded by users.

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LenHewitt (Photoshop expert)
Photoshop ships with some pre-made (preset) metallic gradations. Study them
and adjust to suit.
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JasonSmith (Photoshop expert)
Do a layer style that has a goldish color fill, say 21/37/71/1, add a gradient using the 'copper' gradient preset set to 'reflected' - set the blending mode of the gradient to luminosity and reduce the opacity to around 15%.

or just download a layerstlye that does this for you.
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kylekwan (Photoshop begginer)
thanks for all the recommendation.

I'm very grateful for you info.

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Alpha_Papa (Advanced Photoshop user)
Don't forget the satin layer effect.
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