Printing on a Design Jet 130nr using Adobe Photoshop

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Fri, 14 October 2005 15:09
Andy Howes (Photoshop begginer)

Can anyone help with this please.

I have just designed a simple notice (Four words on two lines on a canvas
size of 46" x 24").

I used the horizontal text tool and character box to set sizes, colour etc.

To avoid wasting any canvas I then cropped a one inch wide section of the
saved file and printed it as a test. The red letter colour was perfect and
bright as I had set it.

However when I then returned to the full document and started to print the
red colour had drained to a dull colour.

Inexplicable as I did the test print - so I thought.

Adobe P'shop CS2 (9.0) and HP 130nr Designjet printer.

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