How to get rid of the marching ants?

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Eladio_Robles (Photoshop begginer)
When I select a portion of a picture with the lasso tools or the wand tool why does the marching ants border still show after I've done what I wanted to do? I know you can get rid of them in the "view" menu but I can't do anything else until those marching ants are truely gone.

I've tried hitting enter when I finish but it does nothing.
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Grant_Dixon (Photoshop expert)
<Ctrl> + D will get rid of them a very useful short cut. Also >Select
>Deselect from the menu works.


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Ken_Wolin (Advanced Photoshop user)
If you just want to hide the marching ants so that you can better see the effects you're trying for, hit <Control> + H
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Leen_Koper (Photoshop expert)
Probably an ant eater?

(sorry, I couldnot resist the temptation)

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