Group 4 TIFF Plugin for PS 7 or higher

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Mon, 06 November 2006 10:37 Go to next message
stevent (Photoshop expert)
There's the TIFFlib Format plugin from Telegraphics (I haven't tried it myself though).

Irfanview can also batch save b&w images as group 4 tiffs, that may be a better option.
Tue, 07 November 2006 12:19 Go to previous message
Toby_Thain (Photoshop expert)
Under export for example.

No, it's a file format plugin. Let me see if I can reproduce the problem...

Update Yes, the Win32 binary does seem to be faulty (tested with PS 5.0 and 7.0 on XP), which is odd, I'm not in the habit of uploading untested binaries. I'll investigate further. Thanks for the headsup.

Solved: Problem was in PiPL, now fixed in version 0.4b4 <>.
Mon, 06 November 2006 16:11 Go to previous message
Chris_Cox (Photoshop expert)
Photoshop can read Group3 and Group4 TIFF files already.

Are you trying to write them? (and why?)
Mon, 06 November 2006 10:17 Go to previous message
AnthonyBauza (Photoshop begginer)
I'm new to this and have been tasked to find a group 4 TIFF plugin that works in versions of Photoshop that are newer than 5.0. Does anyone have any tips where I can find this plugin?

Any help is appreciated.

Tue, 07 November 2006 11:41 Go to previous message
stevent (Photoshop expert)
Toby, I installed your plugin, but didn't see an entry in the save menu, just the normal Tiff save dialogue.
Tue, 07 November 2006 11:55 Go to previous message
Bernie (Photoshop expert)
Check elsewhere. Under export for example.
Mon, 06 November 2006 20:01 Go to previous message
Toby_Thain (Photoshop expert)
My plugin <> mentioned above reads and writes them. There's also the libtiff <> utilities.
Tue, 07 November 2006 11:52 Go to previous message
AnthonyBauza (Photoshop begginer)
This is what we found as well...Inserting Plugin and restarting PS didn't show us a save as Group 4 TIFF selection.
Tue, 07 November 2006 10:26 Go to previous message
AnthonyBauza (Photoshop begginer)
I suppose I need to clarify...I need to be able to "SAVE AS" Group 4 Tiff which PS 7 can NOT do.

At my office we open images that are TIFF's, but need to save them as Group 4 TIFF's and to date we only can do this with a plug-in that works only in PS 5 or lower on Win 95 and not with PS7 on XP.

My idea is to get rid of the legacy machine and cut the process that we have down to an open and save as process.
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