problem parsing the jpeg data

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Johanna_Sasse (Photoshop begginer)
"Couldn't complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data"
pops up whenever I try opening one of my very many jpgs(ca. 40 MB). I work on CS1 and up to now never had a problem with this-it just sort of started two days ago... I can open the files in Image-Ready then have to save them as PSDs (image-ready does not give me another option) which I then reopen in Photoshop to save them again as jpgs with the preview-box unticked.(fix suggested somewhere else-it seems to work). HOWEVER: I would rather not have to do this with all my work. (and I do need to work with jpegs although its a lossy format)
Any ideas what might have happened to my Photoshop? Any Ideas how to fix this? Greetings, Jo.
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Ed_Hannigan (Photoshop expert)
See the FAQs about trashing/resetting Preferences.

PS: Are you sure they are jpegs? I find it very hard to believe that ImageReady can't save them as jpg. Do they have layers or transparency? If they do they are not jpegs.
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Johanna_Sasse (Photoshop begginer)
Thanks for the tip with the preferences, will try it out and report.

PS: I found it even harder to believe than you...and it made me a lot more peed off too.
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Johanna_Sasse (Photoshop begginer)
It worked! Hooray! Thank you very much! :-)

Ps: Image Ready still only wants to save the jpegs from Photoshop as a jpeg if i use "save optimized as". under the normal "save as" there's still only psd available. Maybe thats normal? I dont really use imageready much...
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