Unable to move layer - source and destination documents are the same - CS3

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Jack_Newell (Photoshop begginer)
Having the same problem as Ed with the same Matt Kloskowski book:

Matt is telling you how easy it is to put a stroke around a photo.
First you select the photo, then create a new layer on top of it. From the Edit menu, you choose Stroke, set the Width to 1 px, Color to White and the Location to Inside. Then deselect. Wham you see a white stroke around the photo.

Then Matt has you duplicate the stroke layer so that we can add it around two other photos. He tells us to press Command-J to duplicate the stroke layer twice, (which makes two new copies of the stroke layer) and then use the Move tool to move the copied strokes over the other two photos. This doesn't happen, a message appears: COULD NOT COMPLETE YOUR REQUEST BECAUSE SOURCE DESTINATION DOCUMENTS ARE THE SAME.

What does this mean? Literally following Matt Kloskowski's instructions as written. Can anyone help?
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Phosphor (Photoshop expert)
I'm not the one having a problem. I know how to do it.

It's not clear what you are doing. Are you dragging a layer to a different document? Or is it in the same document?

If the first, all that Duplicating of Layers is totally unnecessary. Jst drag the first stoke layer over.

If the second, just drag the Layer up or down the stack in the Layers palette, no Move tool needed.

I would throw that book away. It doesn't sound to me like it is teaching you anything about Photoshop.
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Phosphor (Photoshop expert)
Maybe if you provided a screenshot of what you are doing...
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