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Sat, 08 March 2014 16:24
fredopie31 (Photoshop begginer)
Hi Brent, Dunno if you'll ever see this since your answer is 11 years old, but I'm having the same problem ... but I can't even GET to Help, because Photoshop won't open because of the above error. It just crashes.

On Thursday, January 2, 2003 4:38:02 PM UTC-8, brent bertram wrote:
> David,
> The Adobe Online automatic update check is a pain in the neck. Go to Help > Adobe Online > Preferences and turn it off. There are never ( hardly ever ) any updates . Check for them manually every now and then in the File Download section of the website. It'll help you keep your sanity ! <G>
> Keep dropping by the forum, you'll hear that way if anything worthwhile is out, 'cause we'll make a big fuss about it.
> :-)
> Brent
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