This product lets you create an illustration consisting of symbols.
This product lets you create an illustration consisting of symbols.

Digitalizer lets you create an illustration consisting of symbols or that of a digital matrix whose components form an initial picture. These symbols can be numbers, letters or other symbols, and you can create unique sets of symbols using the editor inside Digitalizer. By adjusting the the plug-in controls, you can change the quality of the illustration and its appearance. You can combine the Digitalizer filter with others and, with multi-layered images, achieve perfect results. Digitalizer enables you to convert any picture into a text file and produce it as a set of text symbols that can be saved as .txt, .html. or .rtf files. You can use these text images to decorate your documents, websites and emails. To export your pictures in text, just press the "Export" button on the Digitalizer dialog window.

License type: shareware
Trial restrictions: 30 days
Price: $20

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