ScatterLight Lenses

The plug-in produce a broad scope of realistic patterned and diffusion lens effects.
The plug-in produce a broad scope of realistic patterned and diffusion lens effects.

These lens effects range from subtle soft focus effects most often seen in professional portraiture and landscapes, to more dramatic effects that scatter and focus light over the brightest areas of an image.
4 distinct effects categories:
Dream Optics - Gently pulls and scatters light from highlighted areas to create dreamy highlights throughout the image.
SoftFocus - For softening and refining portraits. Various optical lens patterns provide professional soft focus effects that can range from subtle to dramatic.
SoftDiffuser - Softener for images to add diffusion or fog. The plug-in offers optical lens patterns to vary density.
StarLight - Focuses light over the brightest areas of your image to create a starlight effect. The plug-in offers many different optical lens patterns.

License type: shareware
Trial restrictions: 30 days
Price: $119

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