Image Repainter

The plug-in allows to the user to manage photo's colors and brightness.
The plug-in allows to the user to manage photo's colors and brightness.

Image Repainter is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows designed by ImageSkill Software. Image Repainter allows the user to make a photo to be 'slightly brighter', or 'slightly more colorful' taking main colors and brightness from the photo you like. It is very useful for recoloring of a series of image shots, especially where slightly different lighting and camera settings produced unnatural color effects in each photo like gray color appearance in your seaside photos while it should to be blue. Image Repainter is of rare class of tools which 'just understand you'. You only give it the image you want to fix and a 'template image', which color content is close to what you want see on the photo to be fixed. Image Repainter will change the color content of the work image in a smart, fast and pretty way. You can do a global color change or local one. In the latter case you only need to select any particular area of an image where color change should be done. Extra fade brush can help you if necessary easily and intuitively obvious correct the result.

License type: shareware
Price: $14.95

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