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Sat, 22 December 2018 01:16
Gamerzone (Photoshop begginer)
The Neighborhood is covered in ads and persistent microtransaction begging. The growing drive to spend real dollars on VC affects those seeking to build even the most fundamental of player avatars. It is too much in NBA 2K19 MT, holding back nearly every style and customization option. VC is an unavoidable truth. But on the court -- especially in the superb franchise mode, free from the grasp of microtransactions -- NBA 2K19 lives up to its predecessors and at times even bests them.

Nevertheless, there is always room for expansion. Part of this reason why the series was so successful is its invention and smart recycling of previously released gambling concepts. Face scanning, single-player campaign manners, and also an open-world hub are ingenious themes which are spinoffs of additional, less-developed features from other titles.

2K has gone outside the sports gambling genre before to grab new ideas, and with the rise of the uber-popular Fortnite, it may be time to look outside the sports gaming universe for its next bit of inspiration.

I've recently picked up Fortnite and I have to say, there are some indisputable qualities from the sport. While it's a much different game than NBA 2K, there are at least four things 2K can find out from Epic Games' monster struck.

Every sports game should be moving toward supplying crossplay. As the competitive gaming arena cranks up for most of the top sports franchises, it is becoming more obvious that PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC players should be able to compete against each other,

The PC-to-PSN function on Fortnite isn't ideal because it can be somewhat cumbersome for the latter, but conceptually, it is something NBA 2K must adopt. Since the first season of the NBA 2K League begins, offering alternatives for crossplay will only enhance the level of competition on all platforms.

I have been saying for a year that the Neighborhood in NBA 2K19 has to be more interactive. File this idea below the exalted visions tab, but imagine a mode only found in the 2K Zone that opened a battle royale concept. For people who are unaware of what a battle royale is, allow me to briefly clarify the genre.

Basically, it is a survival-based manner where multiple players are set on a map and also are tasked with scavenging for tools while attempting to eliminate others onto the map. Generally, the winner is the gamer who's the last one standing. How would you implement something like that at a basketball game?

I'm glad you asked.

Obviously, this is a basketball match, so there are no kills and if you think about it, there is no way the NBA would sign off on a game with gunplay. However, that does not kill my battle royale basketball concept.

The manner would unlock a post-apocalyptic variant of the Neighborhood map. Rotting basketball courts, tattered buildings, along with other alternative structures could make up the scene with reddit game discuss.
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