Creating Dynamic Barcodes in Photoshop CS

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Wed, 04 January 2006 13:27 Go to next message
jeffd (Photoshop begginer)

My question is:

Is there anyway I can create barcodes within Photoshop without having
to copy and paste each one using an external program?

To elaborate on what I am currently doing:

I am in the publishing business. Each one of my products has a
different barcode. Now we use a program to manually create a barcode
for each product (each product is in a separate file) and copy it to
the clipboard then paste it within Photoshop CS.

What I would like to happen (best case scenario):

I would like to have some kind of object (barcode) in Photoshop that
can dynamically change based on the filename. In other words; Each file
is named a UPC number (barcode number) for example I have files named:
73920502186.psd, 73920502187.psd, 73920502188.psd, and so on... So I
would like the barcode that is inside Photoshop to take the file name
(just 73920502186 without the extension .psd) and create the barcode
dynamically. This way I can create a template in Photoshop for my
product and not have to worry about changing the barcode for each one
because the barcode would be created from the filename.

I know that this would involve a little programming and the use of an
external program to generate the barcode and that's o.k.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff D.
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Mike Russell (Photoshop expert)
<> wrote in message

> Is there anyway I can create barcodes within Photoshop without having
> to copy and paste each one using an external program?

Write a script that embeds the filename as a text layer, and use a Barcode
font. This will take some learning curve but it's and not difficult.

A script to do this is discussed here:

And a free bar code font is here:


Mike Russell
Mon, 02 March 2015 21:33 Go to previous message
bobbell (Photoshop begginer)
I have .tiff. Part of the .tiff is a barcode. My printer is insisting the barcode be converted to 100%K - CMYK "pure black". (Their words)

A couple obstacles: 1) The BarCode has been scaled up. Since it got resampled in that process, the edges aren't pure black anymore. Just selecting the black area by color is tricky now, since the outermost pixels might or might not be included.

2) The .tiff is in RGB8, and my printer wants CMYK. RGB rich black does not translate to 100% K in CMYK.

How would you go about changing this one part of the image to 100%K CMYK, to make the printer happy.
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